Honest, Kind, Brave, and True .. by Gabe Zallik

Posted by Stuart Nitzkin on Feb 01, 2016

Honest, kind, brave, and true. Four essential attributes I would have never learned to own had it not been for Ojibwa. Ojibwa is more than just a camp. It is more than the everlasting friendships and stories that can be told from almost 90 years ago. It is a cult, a lifestyle one only learns to appreciate once they truly understand.

Growing up, camp was almost inevitably in my future. Without hesitation, my parents sent me to camp in 2002, and I cannot say thank you enough for that. Camp isn’t a four or eight week experience; it’s a lifetime experience. There is no possible combination of words that can describe what camp provides for those lucky enough to call it their home. It has taught us how to be honest. To value trust and loyalty. How to be brave and take risks. How to be true; not only to one another, but ourselves as well. It has taught us how to compete, how to win, but more importantly, how to lose. It has taught us that the two most important words are, in fact, Thank You.

Camp Ojibwa has positioned everyone it has touched a step higher than those it hasn’t. Without second-guessing myself, I can say Ojibwa has been the biggest influence in my life, and many others. It has shaped so many of us into the men we are today. It is a safe haven. The only place on earth a 7-year-old can be a best friend for a 70-year-old, where 450 points is worth more than a winning lottery ticket, and where it is simply easier to breathe and think. Camp Ojibwa is a home away from home, a place that is quite frankly, magical.

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