Once a camper has attended camp for a certain amount of sessions and has held true to the tenets of the Ojibwa Way: Kindness, Respect, Fair Play, & Trustworthiness, he will have the opportunity to become an Ojibwa Brave. Being a member of the Braves allows campers to make use of the Braves Trail en route to the main camp campfire site, but more than that, it gives them a chance to be part of the leadership of Camp Ojibwa. The Braves offer guidance to the directors of camp, and make suggestions to improve camp on a day-to-day basis. Every summer, campers in the oldest age group are elected to be officers of the Braves. The officers are consulted throughout the summer on various camp matters. The Chief of the Braves is the head of this council. This is the highest position within the Braves that a camper may attain. The Chief serves as the lead example of a camper exemplifying the Ojibwa way. The position is voted on by his peers and is a lifelong commitment to uphold the values of Camp Ojibwa.

2017Ari Losoff
2016Matthew Freeman
2015Grant Anixter
2014Evan Anixter
2013Nicholas Weil
2012Adam Nadler
2011Asher Zallik
2010Gabe Zallik
2009Brandon Kay
2008Ethan Zallik
2007Cooper Annenberg
2006Jordan Multack
2005Charlie Schroeder
2004Zachary Mirsky
2003Chris McGeady
2002Asher Wenig
2001Samuel Matthew
2000Scott Matasar
1999Harry Matthew
1998Lee Schneider
1997Brian Merel
1996Kevin Blitz
1995Jordan Nadler
1994Scott Snower
1993Josh Wohlreich
1992Stuart Nitzkin
1991Blaine Barnett
1990Adam Boehm
1989Todd Anixter
1988Darren Anixter
1987Adam Stein
1986Jon Michelon
1985Kent Korey
1984Gary Spero
1983David Fishbein
1982Scott Bornstein
1981Brad Zenner
1980Steve Rosen
1979Danny Boorstein
1978Mark Boorstein
1977Kenny Kaplan
1976Dan Nickow
1975Harvey Lerner
1974Mick Sampson
1973Marty Block
1972Larry Lubin
1971Bobby Shulman
1970Jimmy Rubens
1969Barry Feldman
1968Ricky Matasar
1967Steve Galston
1966Gary Kagan
1965Mark Liberman
1964Joel Koransky
1963Ian Sachs
1962Hank Koransky
1961George Kerman
1960George Sachs
1959David Horberg
1958Steve Landsman
1957Jim Nachman
1956Gary Davidson
1952Paul Keeshin
1951Mickey Schwartz
1950David Baum
1949Byron Toben
1948Stuart Greenberger
1946Eugene Sebring
1945Arnie Horwitch
1944Robert Chatz
1942Monte Feldman
1938Lloyd Glickstein

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