Collegiate Week is the premiere competitive event at Camp Ojibwa. “The Week”, as it is known far and wide, started in the 1937. For over 80 years, campers have competed in the ultimate camp sporting event.

The Week is seven days of all-camp competition. Teams are drafted and then compete in three age ranges for each activity period: Prep, Junior Varsity, and Varsity. They also compete in team events, where two teams square off in a series of one-on-one battles. However, The Week cannot simply be contained on the playing fields. The teams also compete in Song Night, where they must perform the fight song, alma mater and a cheer from their representative school, and Stunt Night, where each team writes and performs a stage play.

On the final day, the teams compete in the obstacle race. Even more challenging than the Olympic obstacle race, the week adds several waterfront activities to the mix. This series of competitions leads to the single greatest prize in all summer camp sports, the Collegiate Week trophy. The coaches and captain will have their names on the Collegiate Week bench until next year’s event. The team names are emblazoned on the yearly plaque in the mess hall for all eternity. This is the ultimate prize. This is The Week!

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