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CAMP OJIBWA… what it means for a Hungarian counselor…by Zsombor “Z” Zathureczky

January 2, 2017

Camp Ojibwa… after spending two summers there, it’s still difficult to collect my thoughts about this special place. Even for me, someone from Middle-Eastern Europe, who got there only as a counselor at the age of 23, Camp Ojibwa has become a crucial part and one of – if not – the most determining experience of my life. The essence…

First Year Staff Man-Not All Heroes Wear A Cape… by Grant Anixter

October 27, 2016

Being an overnight camp counselor this past summer was the most rewarding and challenging experience of my life. The biggest tip I can give to an incoming first year junior counselor is to start every day with a clean slate; as if the past was erased. If you hold onto the mistakes your campers make, you will always be disappointed.…

Honest, Kind, Brave, and True .. by Gabe Zallik

February 1, 2016

Honest, kind, brave, and true. Four essential attributes I would have never learned to own had it not been for Ojibwa. Ojibwa is more than just a camp. It is more than the everlasting friendships and stories that can be told from almost 90 years ago. It is a cult, a lifestyle one only learns to appreciate once they truly…

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